Vector Festival 2020

Dates: 27 Jul 2020 - 28 Jul 2020
Location: Skydive PINK Klatovy
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                            // WELCOME TO VECTOR FESTIVAL 2020 //

Europe’s most EPIC boogie is back, and en-route to Skydive PINK  Klatovy! 

Join us August 25th-30th 2020, for a week epic skydives, organised by top Vector athletes, top PD pilots and Vigil´s hand selected angels. 

Insane jumps, delicious food, live music, mind-blowing parties and the world´s best flyers... What more could you need? 

The Vector Festival registration will be capped at 400 people, so we recommend you sign up as soon as you can. 

PLUS :) For all our baby birds

Do you have less than 300 jumps? Will this be your first time at a large-scale boogie? Does the Vector Festival sound intimidating to you? Come a day early (August 24th) to get your feet wet and participate in the Vector Festival Initiation day! 

You'll have a chance to meet some of the organizers, get a personalized and in-depth DZ orientation along with some information to help keep you safe, and find some people in a similar situation as you before the madness begins.



Luis P 
Claudio Cagnasso 
Domi Kiger 
Petter Mazetta 
Anna Moxnes 
Kristian Moxnes 
Andreas Mosling 
Fabian Raidel 
Luis Adolfo Lopez-Mendez 
Oscar Javier Asfura 
Johnny Gun


Pete Allum 
Marco Arrigo 

//Wing Suit 
Zun Stéphane Zunino 
Vincent cotte

Gustavo Cabana
Roy Wimmer Jaglom 

Irish Pete


VECTOR FESTIVAL BABY... YEaaahahahahaha!!!!