Project 19 Phase 1

Dates: 19 Oct 2019 - 20 Oct 2019
Location: Skydive Deland
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We are getting close to the end of phase 1... Join us as we get the groups bigger and faster to build.

Note that this is still a PHASEE #1 CAMP, meaning ONE plane shots only. It will include small/medium sized group training (8-20 per group) and will focus on safe approaches and break-offs, strength, precision and docks.


This camp is of course open to male and female flyers.


Organizers: Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher, more TBD


Registration fee:  $100


About Project 19 (if you don't already know):

To celebrate the Women’s Suffrage Movement that swept the globe in the early 1900s, the Women’s Skydiving Network will be fully sponsoring a Women’s Vertical World Record 100-way on the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the US constitution.


#Project19 is scheduled for the summer of 2020 at Skydive Chicago. So IT'S TIME TO START TRAINING !