Project 19 European Selections // Seville

Dates: 16 Apr 2020 - 19 Apr 2020
Location: Skydive Spain, Seville
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Welcome to the Project 19 European SELECTION !

Anna Moxnes and Domi Kiger will be running this phase 3 (selection) in Skydive Spain in April 2020. Mark you calendar and come get your slot into History !

The event will be held over the course of 4 days : 

April 16th : 
morning : arrival, registrations, paperwork. 
Afternoon : event starts at 1:30pm with a general briefing; We would like to do 3 jumps that day, each of those 1 plane shot, to look closely at every girl.

April 17 & 18 : 
full day of jumping, meeting at 8:30am, 6 jumps a day, 2 plane shots + 1 plane shot then 3 plane shots, depending on how the 1rst days went.

April 19th : 
meeting at 8:00am, 3 jumps, planning on finishing by 2pm. 3 planes shot.

We will be running the event with Dornier, starting smaller then moving on to 30 then 45ways.

We have 42 slots available for this event, don't miss out !

Accommodation : 

We encourage you to book your accommodation thru Skydive Spain Booking Office. If they know enough in advance, they can look to have everyone in one place for a good vibe !
contact :