UPT Flight Camp, Return to the Desert

Dates: 17 Oct 2019 - 20 Oct 2019
Location: Skydive Arizona


Anna Moxnes & Lisa Mazzetta bring you UPT Flight Camp; Return to the Desert at Skydive Arizona from October 17th to 20th with coaches:

Claudio Cagnasso/Fly4Life

Anna Moxnes/Zion & Joyriders. 

Andreas Mosling/Zion

Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher/ Joyriders

Domi Kiger/Joyriders

Petter Mazzetta/Bodyflight Sweden & Swedish Freefly Mafia


·      4-day camp, Thursday to Sunday

·      Participants will be organized by skill level in groups of 6 + coach.

·      Groups will stay the same throughout.

·      Coaches will rotate every day. Bringing in different flying styles, and ways to explain the techniques in practice.

·      6 jumps per day with approximately 40 min between jumps.

·      Mandatory event briefing Thursday at 8:30am. Participants MUST be ready to fly by the beginning of this meeting.



·      Total event cost is $1015 which includes 24 jumps. 

·      Deposit of $215 is due now to reserve your slot and is non-refundable after September 1st. If you cancel before September 1st you will be charged a $50 administrative fee (refund of only $165).

·      You are able to transfer your deposit to someone with similar skill level.

·      A week before the event you will be emailed an invoice to pay the balance of $800. This must be paid in full prior to the event start on October 17th. 

·      Jumps not done due to weather (your whole group sits out) will be refunded at the slot price of $26.

·      If your group does more than 24 jumps additional jumps will be at the slot price of $26 and will need to be paid prior to leaving the event on Sunday the 20th.

·      If you miss a jump with your group regardless of the reason you can only be refunded at the slot price of $20 and you must scratch before the 10-minute call to receive a refund.



·      Angle flying- (Minimum) Able to fly your slot (meaning in place and within docking distance) on your strong side, and fly at least in quadrant on your weak side. At a minimum in a head 1st  orientation. 

·      500 jumps minimum or have a recommendation from an angle coach. (please contact us 1st if you are registering with a recommendation)

·      Must have done a camp with one of the camp coaches (not one random jump, a whole camp). Or, have a recommendation from a known flyer or coach.

·      AADs are Mandatory

** Registering for the camp while failing to meet minimum requirements, and/or overestimating your skills in the questionnaire may cause you to be removed from the camp without right of refund.